Wisdoms from Nature

Hawthorne Tree

A channelled message from Hawthorn…

This amazing Hawthorn tree shared this beautiful moment and wisdom with me recently. If you are called, sit with this photograph and absorb the energies.

“Thank you for being with me today I offer the heart of my bounty. I share my deepest energy with you and all those who are called to be with my energy.

This is a time to go within, to look at your own bounty; acknowledge it, feel it, sense it and know that it is true to you. True to you on your path.

To open your beauty - open to this space through your heart. Open to your true self and to these energies. Work with me to assist in going deep within your heart and allow my energies to hold you in this space. Observe, explore and feel the joy, the wonder, the pain, the lessons of this that have all been gifted to you for your purpose. Spend time with me, let go of the outer world. As you sit here beside me sense my energies, feel my vibration. Blend with my vibrations - encompass yourself within my energies as I offer healing and birth right energies that go into your heart for this is what is true. Connect with me for I offer you deep healing, deep connection and love. We are true, we are as one in the web of life. Sense me, feel me and know that we are whole - we are the energy of love.

Sit here now within this space and absorb these energies I offer you. Share in my abundance for I gift this to you with love... I uphold you in that love; I encircle you and I send you on your journey with this wisdom and vibration of love energy. May you walk tall and bright and as one with the world of beauty and love and purpose. Use these energies for I am always here for you to call upon.

With bright blessings and love I bid you farewell for now.”

© Copyright property of Judith Cobby 2021 (not to be reproduced without permission).


Field Scabious

A channelled message from Field Scabious…

I was called to be with this wild Field Scabious and this is the message it shared:

“Thank you for seeking me out. I have such joy in sharing my beauty and colour. See how I flow on the breeze, how I dance and move. Remember you too can dance and move. Flow and movement are imperative - if your soul is constantly still and unmoving you may not experience new and exciting things. Step out and share your own joy and beauty.

Let go of the restrictions that bind you to old stories and inherited genetic ties. Step out to flow and dance with your new story of wildness and creativity and be FREE.”

© Copyright property of Judith Cobby 2021 (not to be reproduced without permission).


Yew Tree

A channelled message from an ancient Yee Tree…

I have been guided to pass on a channelled message from this ancient Yew tree.

It revealed to me how it lets go and releases parts of itself that are no longer needed and rejuvenates itself with new vibrant growth. All this is part of its continual flow of death and rebirth.

“It is time to let go, let go of all that has been. For there is new energy in which to step forward in - in which to surround yourself with. Take yourself into your stillness and reflect upon the inner you that is now stepping forward. This is a new you with new energies and new ways of being and this is how it is meant to be.

Spend time with your feelings of loss and any sadness that may be around - that sense of loss for who you were and what there was. It is important to go into your heart with compassion and love for yourself. It is a process, it is a flow, it is natural. Just as we in nature go through the cycle of death and rebirth - of letting go and moving on. As all of us in nature flow forward; not turning backwards. In this flow, we celebrate the newness in that cycle of moving on. This is the cycle of going within so our energies expand on the inside which then goes into the darkness of the earth and later evolves again as new shoots, as new energy, as vibrant energy that will be beautiful and wondrous.

Take from my wisdom what you will, it is always here for you. For I have been here for many, many human years and I hold the wisdom of the earth and of the stars to share and pass on. Celebrate. Celebrate what was and celebrate what is new for this is a special time of new awareness. A special time for you to now go within and deepen your knowledge, your wisdom and your knowing of yourself with the support and love of mother nature, mother earth and the great mother herself.”

© Copyright property of Judith Cobby 2021 (not to be reproduced without permission).