Mind and Body Healing

Distance - Face to Face - Online

This innovative approach listens to your mind, body and soul. It is a form of mind and body healing that uses talking therapy, visualisation and energy healing. Every session is unique and individual to you and we will work with whatever is needed and right for you in the moment.

Working holistically, we look at the whole of you; incorporating mind, body and soul. This type of healing explores and listens to your thoughts and feelings in conjunction with your body, chakras, auras and soul. I believe we hold past and current emotional issues in our physical and energetic bodies which can result in stopping the natural flow and balance of our energy. In turn, this may affect your mental health and wellbeing and can also be reflected in your soul.

I start the session by giving you the time and space to talk and share about why you have chosen a Mind & Body Healing. Using counselling skills, I support you in exploring and recognising any trapped emotions or blocks from your past or present. Then within a dialogue between us, I assist you in discovering where on a physical and energetic level you may be holding these. I guide you through ways of releasing and clearing these obstacles to realign your energies. This is supported by energy healing to disperse, cleanse and rebalance your energies on all levels.

All this is carried out in a caring, compassionate and non-judgemental way, supporting the whole of you to move towards a more positive and healthier outlook.

“Thank you so much for the feedback. It was a very powerful experience this morning which I KNOW has put me on the road to acceptance and recovery. I do appreciate it very much and am grateful for your support and caring…it is lovely to know I’m being put back together again - a bit like Humpty Dumpty. It’s been so long since I was in a happy place and I really look forward to a better me”

LJ, Surrey