Guided Meditation and Journeying Sessions

Face to Face - Online - Out in Nature

I am pleased to offer one to one and small group guided meditation & journeying sessions.

Regular meditation and journeying can help you to reduce your stress levels and keep you connected and in tune with your inner self.

There are many different types of meditation. The style of meditation I offer is guided - supporting you to travel to a place where you can feel at peace and ease and just ‘be’. Each session can be designed just for you. It may include a specific theme or just a time supporting and encouraging you to reflect on your inner self and to be open to receive guidance from this place. It is non-religious and is a good starting point for those new to meditation, but is also for those who are more advanced on their spiritual journey.

These meditation sessions offer a quiet, safe and calm space in which you can learn, with practice, to be in a state of relaxed and peaceful consciousness and also connect to your higher self and wisdom.

These sessions are also helpful for those who wish to focus on specific themes or areas of self-development and would like to use guided meditation to assist with this.

“The meditation and journeying group has provided me with a safe group environment to meditate and journey with my spiritual guides discovering new directions to take in life and reaching amazing levels of relaxation. We are drawn into different pathways to journey each week by Judith and through these my personal adventure of self-discovery and awareness continues to grow.”

JS, Dorking.


Sacred Geometric Violet Flame Cleansing

Online - Face to Face

This is a new in-depth and sacred guided meditation for the cleansing and clearing of your physical, auric and soul energies. It is a specially channelled healing from Ascended Master Saint Germain and The Violet Flame and can bring about peace, balance and harmony. I will personally guide you through several stages of clearing your energies - past, present and future, all on a deep energetic level.