Shamanic Healings

Distance – Face to Face – Online – Out in Nature

Ancestral Healing and Wisdom of the Ancestors

Working back through your ancestral lineage and also forward into the future, ancestral healing can help with the clearing of genetic ties, behavioural patterns and generational trauma. It can remove and heal vows, patterns, energies and imprints that may not be yours, but have been inherited from those who came before you and stopping them from being passed on to those in future generations. The ancestors and elders may also bring forward wisdom for you to hear.

“Thank you - our last session was really powerful.”

A, Surrey

Chumpi Khuya/Sacred Stone Healing

The healing energies of my sacred chumpi khuyas and sacred healing stones help to clear and release energy blocks or patterns from within your physical body, chakras and auras. This session can assist you in feeling lighter and clearer as the khuyas or stones remove and dissipate any stuck and heavy energies.

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for that incredible healing you gave me today. What an amazing and mind-blowing experience. I think it really is a significant milestone for me.”

AI, Surrey

Connecting with Your Dragon Guardian

I believe that dragon energy is magical, powerful, wise and very special. This is a guided journey to connect you with a dragon guardian. I will also share information on how you can work with their wisdom and energies.

Inner Child Healing

Childhood experiences, whether they be positive or negative, create our inner child which becomes a part of we are. This in turn creates how we view and experience our world. Unfortunately, any negative parts of our inner child can end up ruling our life; perhaps holding us back with fear, shame, addiction and lack of self-esteem. Over a few sessions, I work with you using a mix of shamanic and psychotherapeutic tools to help you understand, support, heal and love your inner child. This can assist you in moving forward in a different and more positive way.

“I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with me. It is always so valuable and I truly appreciate your wisdom and holding space for soul searching… I do think it was raised to enable the inner child stuff and what came up last time. Thank you again.”

AF, Surrey

Past Life Healing

I believe we have had many lifetimes and our past life experiences can have a major effect on how we behave and experience things in this lifetime. This past life healing can help to heal aspects of a specific past life that are affecting you in this life and in your current situation. Once you’ve processed your healing of a past life it can have a profound effect on changing your responses and energy in the present.

“My first experience of past life healing with Judith was conducted with great professionalism, in an atmosphere of loving support. By journeying back to the past life Judith had chosen for me as being the most beneficial, it has encouraged me to look at my life through different eyes and opened up healing for issues that have been recurring and holding me back. A very emotional and uplifting experience.”

HD, Surrey

Rainbow Chakra Illumination Healing

This powerful and deep healing brings you back into balance and can raise your vibration by clearing heavy and stuck energy from your physical body, auras and chakras. It can help you to release deeply buried emotions, patterns and energetic ties and will work on whatever you need to clear at the time.

“I found the Rainbow Illumination healing to be a very powerful process, which raised many issues that I hadn’t realised were still buried deep inside. It enabled me to release these emotions in a very safe environment, leaving me feeling uplifted and much more content”.

JB, Surrey

Shamanic Healing

This type of healing uses a broad range of shamanic techniques and tools – whatever is right for you in the moment. Shamanic healing works on a deep level; empowering you to release, clear, transform and move forward.

“I am well after yesterday and feel that it was a very deep healing indeed - reconnecting my head to my heart. I am living being the queen of my queendom!!”

NL, Surrey

Soul Re-Empowerment

This is a type of ‘destiny’ retrieval for when you are feeling stuck or at a crossroads. It brings forward an aspect of your soul’s wisdom and energy to help you on the next stage of your journey and evolution. It can have an empowering effect to help you move forward with a sense of purpose.

“Since receiving the Soul Re-Empowerment I have become more aware of the synchronicities in life and I’m trusting my intuition at last! It was a very powerful experience which had a profound effect on me and has I believe, helped me to have the courage to pursue a completely different direction.”

SB, West Sussex

Soul Retrieval

Trauma and illness can cause parts of your soul to break away over time, so you no longer feel well or whole. This comprehensive session helps you focus on what is going on for you emotionally and physically right now; assisting you in understanding any current issues you may be having. I believe that by talking through, acknowledging and releasing yourself from this energy, clears a pathway and safe space for soul parts to return. I guide you to bring back in your relevant fragmented soul parts, along with their wisdom, to help you heal and become whole again.

“I have been very grateful for the image you found for me in the soul retrieval, I use it a lot and it gives me a huge amount of confidence. It's the most beautiful thing I can imagine really. It’s so amazing the power that an image, one that is so personal and moving can have on one’s life.”

LC, Surrey

Spirit of the Herb Healing (Plant Spirit Medicine)

For millennia the traditional shaman or healer has worked with the plant world using its spirit for deep healing and wisdom. Spirit of the Herb Healing uses herbs within your auras and around your physical body. Working with the sacred plant medicine and wisdom in this way can help to clear emotional issues and stuck energies from your physical body, chakras and auras. This can have a deep and powerful healing effect, bringing about a sense of calm, peace and wisdom.

“I found the experience of receiving a Spirit of the Herb Healing very beneficial. The joy and fun of allowing a herb to choose me and then to receive the wisdom of the herb before the healing, was very helpful and relevant for me in that moment. I was able to enter into and trust the healing. Afterwards I felt a deep sense of calm for several days.”

MA, Surrey

Star Seed (Star Being) Re-Connection

Do you feel you don’t belong to or fit in with this earthly world? Are you a sensitive soul struggling to find your place? I believe you could well be a star seed. These are beings from a different star system which have been seeded in a human body and have chosen to come here with the role of helping humanity.

This is a special healing journey that will help you to reconnect to your star source, along with your true purpose and role whilst on this Earth. It can have a transformational effect on how you feel, cope and stay connected, by assisting you to move forward with renewed purpose, strength and courage.

“I have experienced Judith’s Star Being Re-connection, which was wonderful. Judith brought her wealth of experience in many healing modalities to this: she was professional, nurturing and supportive throughout. In talking me up through the dimensions with my guide, the most beautiful, vivid and beneficial journey was created. The healing I received throughout has stayed with me, and I feel blessed that the session gave me clarity and vision for the future. I highly recommend it.”

AF, Surrey.