My Journey So Far

Judith Cobby

I have always been interested in who we are and how we experience our lives. I’m passionate about learning and this is what leads me along my continuous path of discovery.

Over many years it has been imperative for me to heal my human psyche and soul wounds; transforming my experiences and feelings into wisdom, strength and compassion. I have learnt to truly love myself and others. This is an ongoing journey built of many layers and depths. Training in various traditions, models and philosophies has assisted with this growth and is what creates the ‘me’ I am today and the new ‘me’ I will become tomorrow.

I believe we are multi-dimensional and all-encompassing and through self-exploration and deep healing can become whole again. I have faith in the power of the Universe and trust that we can dream our world into being.

Here I share information on some of my ‘credentials’: