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Spirit of the Herb HealingSpirit of the Herb Healing in Dorking Surrey

This style of healing focuses on clearing emotional issues held within your body and auras.

For this healing you choose a herb you feel drawn to work with during your healing session. I ask that you inform me of your choice of herb prior to your session, so that I can tune into the herb’s energy spirit before the time of your appointment. I am then guided by the spirit of the herb as it shares its wisdom, essence and energy, showing me how to work with it within your energy fields.

You will need to bring along with you sprigs or stems of the fresh herb plant you have chosen. This can be from your own garden or purchased in a garden centre or supermarket.

The session is carried out with you lying on a treatment couch, whilst I work with the spirit and energy of the herb within your energy fields. Every client’s experience is individual and personal to them.

“I found the experience of receiving a Spirit of the Herb Healing very beneficial. The joy and fun of allowing a herb to choose me and then to receive the wisdom of the herb before the healing, was very helpful and relevant for me in that moment. I was able to enter into and trust the healing. Afterwards I felt a deep sense of calm for several days”

Spirit of the Herb HealerPlease be assured that all sessions are totally confidential.

For further information, or to make an appointment please call me on 01306 882229 or 07790 614448. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Judith Cobby