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Psychodynamic Counsellor Judith Cobby in Dorking Surrey UKMy Journey So Far...

I have always been interested in the way we live and experience our lives. I’m also passionate about learning and this is what leads me along my continuous path of discovery.

Running parallel to my business career, I’ve invested time and effort in developing my own life skills. In 1994, I qualified as a psychodynamic counsellor, having trained for 4 years. I followed this by working ‘one to one’ with clients at a local counselling centre which was affiliated to WPF Therapy, one of the country’s leading counselling and psychotherapy organisations.

2004 was the year I started my training as a healer in the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki, which is the traditional and original form. I am now qualified to Master Teacher level, so as well as being a practitioner, I am also a teacher of Reiki. By using Reiki on a daily basis, I have a true experience of how it is a wonderful healer.

During 2008, I achieved ITEC diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Massage and Professional Conduct and Business Awareness.

In October 2010 I received the Munay-Ki Rites. The experience was very deep and I realised then that I had a big connection with them. Following several months of absorbing the energies and healings, I realised that it was part of my journey to teach and pass them on. I then took a teaching workshop to deepen my understanding of these special rites. This also embedded them further into my energy fields. I am still being amazed... I feel very blessed and humbled to be able to pass them on to others so they may benefit from the beautiful and healing energies, along with the wisdom and connection they bring.

Reiki Teacher and Healer Judith Cobby in Dorking Surrey UKDuring 2012 I felt drawn to further deepen my connection with nature and all living things. So, to work more with these wonderful energies, I have trained as a Shamanic Practitioner. Much of my learning is based on the wisdom and ways of Peruvian cosmology, which links in well with the Munay-Ki Rites. However, I also draw on teachings from a range of other shamanic cultures as well. The shamanic healings I offer at present are Rainbow Illumination, Soul Re-Empowerment, Past Life Journeys, Amazonian Shacapa and Spirit of the Herb. I am a Chumpi Paqo, initiating and teaching the opening of the special Andean Chumpi belts. My exciting shamanic journey is still continuing...

As an associate member of the UK Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners, I work to their professional Code of Practice.  I am also a member of The Association for Humanistic Psychology in Britain.

I am a Master Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation.

I regularly participate in additional training, along with attending various groups, workshops and presentations on a variety of psychological and spiritual topics. These ensure my own continued personal and professional development and spiritual awakening.

Judith Cobby Reiki Healer and Counsellor

Judith Cobby