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Amazonian Shacapa Healing in Dorking SurreyAmazonian Shacapa Healing

This type of healing can be helpful if you are holding onto stuck emotions within your physical body, chakras or energy bodies.

The shacapa is a powerful indigenous rattle that is used for healing by Shamans throughout the Amazon rainforest. It is said to contain all the magical energies of the insect world and is fully connected to all of life.

The Shamans of the rainforest use the shacapa and its sacred energies to cleanse, heal and bring balance to the body. ‘Dis-ease’ in the body and ‘heavy’ held energies are often eliminated through shacapa healing. My sacred shacapa comes from the Peruvian Amazon, having been made by the indigenous people there.

“When you used the shacapa I could feel my energy changing.”

Amazonian Shacapa Healer in Dorking SurreyDuring an Amazonian Shacapa Healing I will use my shacapa to brush and tap areas of your body where your energy may be stuck or held. This held ‘heavy’ energy is cleared by the Shacapa and blown away. It can be a very powerful and clearing healing.

The shacapa healing is then followed by some hands-on energy healing (Reiki) to complete the balance and harmonisation of your body and auras.

Please be assured that all sessions are totally confidential.

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Judith Cobby Reiki Healer and Counsellor

Judith Cobby