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Usui Reiki Courses and Attunements


Are you on your Reiki journey?

I believe that learning about Reiki is a lifelong journey, taken in stages and at various times in our lives and with different people.

The experience and knowledge I share during these Reiki courses is just a small part of what you will learn whilst upon your journey.

My style of teaching is to empower you to explore and learn in your own way and therefore take responsibility for your own Reiki journey. I, as a teacher, do not have all the answers (and would not wish to have either) as I enjoy my constant learning too!

I offer training courses (which include attunements), on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups, for Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher. Courses are generally based in the Dorking, Surrey area.

Please contact me for further information, dates and prices on 01306 882229 / 07790 614448 or you can e-mail me here.


I look forward to speaking with you soon.

With love and Reiki.

Judith Cobby, Reiki healer
Judith Cobby
Reiki Master Teacher
Member of the UK Reiki Federation

“Thank you so much for sharing the last 2 days. It is an experience
that I will never forget, especially as I have a beautiful piece of Rose Quartz
to remind me of this amazing achievement...Thank you.”

What are the Three Degrees of Usui Reiki?

Reiki I – The First Degree of Reiki

This stage starts the cleansing and healing process of ourselves, which is important for when healing others. The attunements received are a bit like putting a key into a lock and opening the door just a crack. It can be compared to turning on a lamp that has a three-way bulb, to just the lowest wattage. The aura and chakras have their first cleansing release. This degree opens the student to the ideas of utilising Reiki for our animals, our family, our friends, food, plants, our homes and our work places and our own physical bodies. Reiki energy is truly for the good of all - not just for us humans!

Reiki II – The Second Degree of Reiki

This stage heals past lives, assists with addictions and clears negative thinking patterns. Distance healing is learned and practiced. Distance healing includes sending Reiki to someone around the world or just across town. It also includes healing our earlier years in this life as well as the ability to heal our past lives (considered as Karma). Students are given three symbols to work with. The lamp is taken up to its next level of wattage and light with the second attunement. This is the stage that you can practice professionally (with the relevant insurance).

Reiki Master – The Third Degree of Reiki

At this stage we turn over the work to God, Grace, the Universe, or the Highest Intelligence (use whatever term you are comfortable with). Learning that we are no longer in charge of the treatment (we never really were!). Further symbols are taught and the student receives another attunement. The lamp clicks to its highest wattage of light. The student also commits this life to the higher good.

Reiki Master Teacher

This is the last stage and for those who feel drawn to teach and pass on attunements.

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