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Distant Reiki Healing

Distant Reiki Healing

For those who are unable to come to my treatment room, I offer a Distant Reiki Healing service.

Distant Reiki Healing is as effective as a hands-on session. In fact sometimes the sensations can be even more intense. It is also extremely useful for when you are unable leave home due to family situations, illness, or simply because you can’t travel.

A mutually convenient time is arranged for me to send your Reiki and for you to receive it. The healing is sent through me to you, in the same way as if you were present in my treatment room and can be related to travelling ‘radio waves’.

All you need to do is lie down and relax somewhere quiet and undisturbed. It will help if you set your intent to be open to receive the flow of Reiki at this time. Afterwards it is sensible for you rest for a little while so that you gain the most from your healing session.

When mutually convenient, we will chat or email to discuss any issues that arose during the session and to consider how to move forward with your treatment.

A Distant Reiki Healing session lasts one hour and is by prior appointment only.

Distant Reiki Healing sessions are also a beautiful gift to give to someone who is abroad, feeling stressed, or unwell.

For further information, or to make an appointment please call me on 01306 882229 or 07790 614448. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

You can also e-mail me here.

Judith Cobby, Reiki healer
Judith Cobby