Healing therapies from Healing-Inspiration in Dorking Surrey UK
Counselling and Reiki Healing

Counselling and Reiki Healing

These sessions offer a unique mix of both Counselling and Reiki Healing, which complement each other very well.

Receiving Reiki healing either before, during or after the counselling part of your session is a great way to help release emotional issues that may be ‘stuck’ or ‘held’ in your physical body. It relaxes your mind, allowing you to let go of the intellectual and reconnect with your heart.  Soothing and healing, Reiki goes to wherever you may need it, both physically and emotionally.

This unique mix works on all levels of mind, body and soul.

“My sessions were invaluable at a very difficult time for me personally.
I was anxious, confused and worn out and the combination of Judith’s
sensitive and effective counselling with the nurturing and deeply
relaxing healing sessions helped me to stabilise myself emotionally,
restored my energy, calmed my anxieties and gave me the energy
to move on in a positive way.”

Reiki Healer and Counsellor in Dorking SurreyPlease refer to the Counselling and Reiki pages for more in-depth information on these therapies.

For further information, or to make an appointment please call me on 01306 882229 or 07790 614448. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Please be assured that all sessions are totally confidential.

Judith Cobby Reiki Healer and Counsellor

Judith Cobby