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Chakra Sensing

Chakra Sensing is a mix of visualisation, counselling and healing, based on our seven main chakra energy centres. It can help you recognise and release any emotional issues or unhelpful patterns of behaviour - if you are open to your own healing.

Chakra Sensing in Dorking Surrey

(For those unfamiliar with chakras – a very brief explanation: They are seven main centres of energy which are closely aligned in anatomic terms to the path of the brain and spinal cord. The energy within the chakras moves in a spiral direction, a bit like a fan and each is represented by a colour. The energy flow around and through the chakras is believed to have an effect on a person’s well being. It is believed that these centres should be in balance and alignment for general physical and emotional health and vitality.)

Chakra Sensing is a two way dialogue exploring any imbalance within your main chakra energy systems. It is a safe and creative healing space where clients can examine any life experiences and emotions that may be held in a particular chakra. Each chakra represents an age range in our development.

Clients lie fully clothed on a treatment couch, or sit in a chair, if more comfortable. I start the treatment by helping you to relax with a short meditation and I ask that you share your experience of this meditation. We will then start your journey of discovery by exploring what information arose for you. Using counselling skills, visualisation and healing, we will discover in which chakra that experience or emotion may be ‘stuck’ or held. I will open up a dialogue with you about what you are feeling, experiencing or visualising, also sharing any information that I may sense. This can create the opportunity for you to recognise and begin to let go of, any issues or patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you. I will also use Reiki Healing to help rebalance your chakras and outer energy fields.

Please note that Chakra Sensing does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition and for problems of urgent concern.

Please be assured that all sessions are totally confidential.

If you are prepared to make your first step forward in self exploration, then please call me on 01306 882228 or 07790 614448 for further information, or to organise an appointment.

Chakras; the seven main centres of energy

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Chakra sensing by Judith Cobby
Judith Cobby